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Cropster Origin is a complete information management system for coffee producers. Record raw cherry delivered to you with the Origin mobile app, monitor drying and storage conditions with Cropster AmbientSensors, and use built-in cupping and green grading tools to ensure consistent quality. This data is easy to share with clients. Origin delivers more control, greater efficiency, and ultimately more profit for your business.

Mobile app
Record the coffee you receive
  • Capture received coffee weights offline
  • Log harvest dates, supplier details, varieties and more
  • Define processing methods
  • Estimate yields
  • Android and iOS devices

Recording your received coffee weights is the first step in creating fully traceable coffee lots. This information can also be used to encourage lenders to extend credit as well as guard against loss from theft or mishandling.

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Monitor your processing environment
  • Track temperature, humidity, and air pressure
  • Data is recorded in real time
  • Automatic alerts for bad conditions
  • Predict incoming weather

Prevent mistakes or loss due to poor drying or storage conditions by tracking environmental conditions and reacting accordingly. Anticipate which lots might be damaged before you present them to buyers.

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It is a very easy software to understand and we had no problems with the user interface even when one of my coworkers used it with no instructions from me at all.

Pablo Fraire
Finca San Antonio - Guadalupe Zajú
lab analysis
Ensure consistent coffee quality
  • Cup with smartphone app
  • Create custom cupping sheets
  • Industry standard green grading
  • Compare qualities between samples
  • Print quality reports

Find differences between specialty and commercial quality coffee. Make informed lot blending, marketing and pricing decisions.

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Share data with your customers
  • Full traceability
  • Processing history linked to lots
  • Choose which information to share
  • Print sample labels
  • Embed data as a QR code
  • View and send PDF reports

Put your professionalism on display with branded, information-rich sample labels. Present lot history in multiple ways depending on buyer preferences.

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sample tracking
Streamline your sample work
  • Integrated quality analysis
  • Multiple sample types
  • Report on processing history
  • Link samples to buyers
  • Accept/Reject status for buyers

Track how customers responded to your samples. Use this to learn about your customers' taste preferences and better target your offerings.

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Inventory management
Track lot sales and milling status
  • Track lot locations
  • Print offer sheets
  • Record sales
  • Calculate milling efficiency

Manage your inventory throughout sales and milling. Ensure you never oversell and preserve great relationships with all your customers.

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