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What sets one cupping app ahead of all others?

Hannes Inns,

One word: Connectivity


There are a few cupping apps available. Only one of them ties all your cuppings back to each stage of your business from sampling and green buying through roasting and morning cuppings in the cafe - Cropster Cup. Cupping is the cornerstone of quality coffee and has featured in every version of Cropster. Delivering cupping as a portable app that offers the same high level of connectivity to your coffee business - that took more time. Adding key features from the first release, features we knew our partners and customers relied on - that also takes time. Why the extra time?

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Pop quiz! Reduce costs and improve your coffee with a production report?

Paul Bartholomew,

You’re in London at the coffee festival. You’re cupping coffees, looking at volumes and checking prices. Everything looks good for a purchase of Guatemalan singles and some bigger volumes for your espresso blend. But how much? You know they were used as a blend component last year. But what percentage? Do you?

US 2016 Roaster Championship in Atlanta

Paul, Devin & friends,

For those in a hurry, all the final scores and details are outlined below. :-)


At this years US Roaster Championship the green lot was supplied by Ally Coffee Merchants. Roasters Guild took care of all the logistics and the Cropster team handled all the cupping scores using their cupping software to provide a complete overview of each stage of the event. Each competitor had been given 50 lbs and had returned 10 lbs of roasted coffee for the championship. The other 40 lbs was used to profile the coffee before turning in the final submissions.

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The new Roast Compare v3.0: Advances in Roast to Cup quality control

Andy Benedikter, Paul Bartholomew,

The new Roast Compare Ver 3.0 is available. For the first time, it creates one view across your profiles, roast success and cup quality

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What happened in Atlanta? SCAA 2016 was too good to keep secret!


Wow. SCAA 2016 in Atlanta was amazing. We were so busy we realised we're going to need a bigger booth next year! We released our newest Cupping app, new closed loop quality control reports, Roast Compare Ver 3.0 and an even smarter Roasting Intelligence. We also worked with Cafe Imports on the roast competition - won by our friends at Spyhouse Coffee - made a partnership announcement with our friends at Giesen, presented HUB to numerous new buyers and sellers and brought our developers to get feedback directly from you. And somewhere along the way, we even found time to meet with friends, customers and partners from around the world.

Here are some of the highlights:

Roast Origin Coffee Lab Hub Events

Cropster in Bogota - April 27th 2016

Cropster visitara Bogota. Le invitamos a participar en una demostración del sistema.

Roast Coffee Lab Release

Cupping, Quality and Data - you’ve got it. Use it!

Andy Benedikter, Paul Bartholomew,

What does quality mean?


For green coffee buyers, sellers and producers quality measures the raw product. For coffee roasters quality is a measurement of roasting success, cup quality, customer satisfaction, etc. Tracking and analysing quality helps everyone make critical decisions across the coffee business. Doing it well used to require a lot of extra time and effort.

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A smarter Roasting Intelligence: RI 3.1

Andy Benedikter,

The latest release of our Roasting Intelligence brings helpful alarms, important quick links and more flexibility. Check it out!


Roast Blog

World Coffee Roasting Championships WCRC 2016

Andy Benedikter,

This is the real-time blog for the WCRC 2016 contestants' roast profiles! Join the talk and share your opinion about them!

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Cropster Intro-session and Masterclass, Atlanta GA SCAA 2016

Join our introductory info sessions and masterclass events during SCAA in Atlanta!