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Roast Events

Cropster Intro-session and Masterclass, Atlanta GA SCAA 2016

Join our introductory info sessions and masterclass events during SCAA in Atlanta!

Hub Release

Cropster Hub Warehouse Filter Feature Release: Great coffee discovery made even easier

Matt Stringer,

Cropster Hub is releasing its most requested feature since its debut in early February: ­Warehouse Filtering.

Roast Events

Cropster is visiting London for LCF! Join our info sessions at Nude Coffee Roasters!

Come and join us on April 7th, 6pm at Nude Coffee Roasters to get to know Cropster Roast and have all your questions answered!

Hub Blog

4 reasons why offering list spreadsheets are at risk of extinction

Matt Stringer,

Here is how we think Hub will change the way traders present their coffee and buyers find their coffee.

Roast Events

Cropster Hands-on at Paramount Coffee Project PCP, Sydney 2016

Cropster is hosting an information session and Q&A at PCP, in Sydney, Australia before heading to Melbourne for MICE 2016.

Roast Events

Cropster Hands-on at Silo Coffee, Melbourne 2016

Join the Cropster information session and Q&A at Coffee Supreme, in Melbourne, Australia before MICE 2016.

Roast Blog Release

7 Cropster tools that help you manage green coffee with ease

Andy Benedikter, Devin Connolly,

Check out how Cropster helps you reduce the time and stress spent managing green coffee


Roast Events

Cropster info session during Amsterdam coffee festival

Andy Benedikter,

Join our free Cropster info session at Kees Kraakman's roastery and training space in Amsterdam, March 17th, 16:00hrs!

Roast Events

Join the Cropster info sessions in Berkeley!

Sign up for a free Cropster presentation and Q&A on March 4th 2016 at Berekeley Co-Roasting!

Roast Blog

How Cropster connects to YOUR roast machine

Andy Benedikter, Devin Connolly,

Unsure if your drum roaster connects to Cropster? We bet it does! Read about how easy it is to get your roasting machine connected to Cropster in this blog post.