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Cropster Workshops in New York, Aug 24, 2015

Andy Benedikter,

Join the Cropster Roast introductory and masterclass sessions on August 24 at Pulley Collective, Brooklyn, New York! It's free!

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The Flick

Scott Rao,

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of roasting is controlling the bean-temperature Rate Of Rise just before and during first crack. Scott Rao - coffee consultant, trainer and author of the book "The Coffee Roaster's Companion" - shares his insights why to watch out for "the flick" and how to prevent it.

Roast Release

Roasting Intelligence 3.0

Martin Wiesinger,

The newly launched Roasting Intelligence 3.0 now captures and graphs gas settings, drum pressure and drum speed for supported roasting machines (Giesen, Loring and Coffeetool). We further improved the user interface and integrated Roast Ranger alerts.

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Competitors’ insights into WCRC…and Cropster.

Andreas Benedikter,

2012, SCAE’s World of Coffee Vienna. Based on an initiative of Sweden’s renown roast trainer Filip Akerblom and companions the World Coffee Roasting Championship (WCRC) first entered the stage with ambitions to become an official World of Coffee event. Successfully, as it turned out. Back then the WCRC that we now know was still called World Coffee Roasting Competition (rather than Championship) but Cropster was already integral part of this event.

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World Coffee Roasting Competition 2015

Norbert Niederhauser,

The World Coffee Roasting Competition in Gothenburg is in full swing and we thought we would share some of the action with you, as many of us are not around to watch the Roast Competition in real time. The champions completed their second day of roasts with their selected coffees and are now giving the beans time to de-gas before cupping them and passing samples to the judges tomorrow.

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How to plan your roast schedule

Andy Benedikter,

Roasting back to back? Want to plan your roasting day ahead? Cropster makes roast production scheduling very easy.


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Cropster Plug & Play: Loring SmartRoast - SCAA 2014

Andreas Idl,

Introducing: The Cropster Plug&Play series. To roast great coffee and control production you need good equipment, data analysis and experience for that. Cropster teams up with other industry leaders to help you with the first two.

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What probe type is it?

Andreas Idl,

A practical guide to figure out what is installed on your machine. As a coffee roaster you can come to a point where you need to know about the type of temperature probes that are installed in your machine. Sometimes probes just go bust, and need to be replaced.

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Focus on...the Rate of Rise

A blogpost from our old website about the benefits of roasting with RoR. Always worth a read.