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Cropster Origin is a complete information management system for coffee producers. Record raw cherry delivered to you with the Origin mobile app, monitor drying and storage conditions with Cropster AmbientSensors, and use built-in cupping and green grading tools to ensure consistent quality. This data is easy to share with clients. Origin delivers more control, greater efficiency, and ultimately more profit from your coffee production.

Mobile app
Capture coffee weights
  • Record weight of coffee received from suppliers
  • Separate coffee into batches based on harvest date, variety, farm, and more
  • Select processing method and estimate yield
  • Works offline on Android and iOS devices

Designed for wet mills and drying stations, the Cropster Origin App is an offline-first tool that allows managers to record the weight of coffee received from farms, fields, or pickers. This information can be used to estimate yield, encourage lenders to extend credit, and/or guard against loss from theft or mishandling. It's also the first step in creating fully traceable coffee lots.

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Monitor your processing environment
  • Track the drying and storage conditions of your coffee in real time
  • Receive alerts if temperature or humidity fall outside of your predefined thresholds
  • Predict incoming weather by analyzing changes in atmospheric pressure

Maximizing the quality potential of your coffee requires action before a batch is ruined due to poor drying or storage. With Cropster AmbientSensors you automatically receive alerts if the temperature or humidity passes outside of your ideal range. You can view the entire history of the conditions during processing and anticipate which lots might be damaged before you present them to buyers.

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lab analysis
Cup and green grade wherever you are
  • Cup on- or offline with an easy-to-use smartphone app
  • Use multiple, customizable or industry standard cupping sheets
  • Count defects through green grading
  • Compare qualities between samples
  • Print quality reports

Analyzing your coffee is the best way to find differences between specialty and commercial quality coffee. Cropster gives you an easy framework to do so. Cup offline with staff or guest cuppers. Rigorously green grade samples according to industry standards and make informed lot blending, marketing and pricing decisions.

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Share data with your customers
  • Full processing history automatically linked to lot records
  • Choose which information to include on printed sample labels
  • Embed data as a QR code for easy scanning by customers
  • View and send PDF reports to internal and external stakeholders
  • Share Cropster records directly with buyers

Tracing exactly where coffee comes from is a key piece of information to be shared and analyzed. Cropster offers multiple ways to share lot history with buyers; in the form of smart sample labels, PDF reports or via direct-sharing with other Cropster accounts. You can customize what information is shared and view detailed reports about the performance of your coffee's sources.

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sample tracking
Streamline your sample work
  • Register all sample information quickly and accurately, no more spreadsheet hassles
  • Automatically integrate analysis results with processing history
  • Send links or PDFs with the information that buyers need
  • Track the status of samples sent to buyers and receive quality feedback
  • Access data whenever and wherever you are via your mobile device

Knowing which customers have received your samples is critical in ensuring that your coffee ends up in the right hands. With Cropster, you can follow samples throughout the contract and receive feedback. Use this plus your processing and cupping data to learn about your customers' taste preferences and better target your offerings.

Inventory management
Track lot location and milling status
  • Track lot locations and processing state
  • Enter milling information to determine efficiency
  • View remaining amounts of unmilled and milled lots
  • Record sales and maintain up-to-date offer sheets

Managing your inventory is critical to making sales and improving production efficiency. Cropster gives you a live overview of your milled and unmilled lots at each of your storage locations. It’s easy to generate updated offer lists each time a sale is made, ensuring you never oversell and can preserve great relationships with all your customers.

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