Quality depends on you the specialty grower

As a farmer, a mill manager or member of a cooperative you track a lot of information to help you grow, process, evaluate and sell your coffee. With Cropster you have access to tools that make collecting, reporting, analyzing and sharing information simple. Plus, you can also provide your buyers with key information for decision making.

Farm management
You are in control of your farm, supply chain and more

Managing work plans, lot development, cupping evaluations, etc. requires time. Plus, there is selling to think about. With Cropster your processes and the information they create can be pulled together easily. You can manage and track all your farm members, samples, quality control, etc. for traceability across your supply chain.

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Cropster Leave
Quality control
Track your quality data and stay in control

To deliver great consistent coffee you need to track quality information. Cropster helps you with strategic blending, as well as marketing decisions that depend on physical and sensorial analysis. With tools like these you can link your green inventory to cupping and grading scores and easily identify which lots are special.

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Selling green coffee
Get online easily and gain access to a worldwide marketplace

Building relationships is a key part of your green coffee selling strategy. Finding buyers for your crop is easier as your business grows but that takes a lot time away from your production. Cropster Hub offers you a simple and effective way to get your coffees in front of a global audience quickly. With your own branded Hub shop you can showcase your coffees, build relationships and grow.

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Sample roasting
Streamline your sample roasting for faster results and less effort

Registering samples, cupping, comparing and analyzing can be made simpler for you and your business regardless of size. Plus, Cropster’s Roasting Intelligence means data rich sample roasting is available to everyone, easily shared and secure.

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Track samples
You are in control of your time, your lab and your samples

Quality is at the core of everything you do. With Cropster you can track every aspect of your green coffees. This means you can tie critical data like buyers, acceptance and contracts to your samples and quality information so you can highlight what is working and what can be improved. Plus, you can capture and share sample data faster and more accurately.

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