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Cropster Cup

Cropster Cup is a fully connected cupping app that integrates with your Cropster system to deliver instant quality results at every step of production!
Cup roasts and samples using the cupping forms you want when you want them - even when offline.

Cup anytime, anywhere with your favorite device

Cropster Cup users always have a cupping sheet in their pockets and everything they learn is saved thanks to connected cupping. Cupping sessions with Cropster Cup are quick to setup and are easily shared across the room or the world. Learn all the basics with this video.

Track your cuppings in real time

Cropster Cup creates reports and panel results. The quality session tool organizes your information so that you can easily find and review results for cuppings for all your coffees, even something that you cupped in the past.

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Just Cupping - No distraction whatsoever

Cropster Cup designers focused on making a easy, distraction free environment where cuppers can input results as fast as possible. The light grey does not influence the cupping as other colors would do. The color palette is best choice for an equal impression for all cuppers in the panel.

Cropster Roast | Lab | Origin Integration

Store your data where it matters: Either with your green coffee sample, your green stock coffee or your roast data. Then access the data from either your result, roast compare, roast explorer, sample overview, relationship module, roast overview, cupper compare, printouts, excel downloads, …. . Cropster Cup stores and integrates the data where it needs to be.

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Capture the right thing: Multiple Cupping Sheets

Use the right sheet for the right scenario. Cropster Cup covers sheets for green buying to production to even cupping espresso or filter coffee. You can even contact a Cropster representative to create your personalized sheet.

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Works offline

Cropster Cup lets you record cuppings even when the internet is down. They’ll be stored locally, then automatically sync to your Cropster account when you’re connected again.

Sharing with your supply chain

If you need to share cupping data with your supply chain, just export from Cropster as a spreadsheet or a printable PDF report. You might also use Cropster’s link sharing mechanism to share it digitally

Supported Devices

iPhone, iPad (iOS 10+), all Android devices (5+) & Kindle Fire

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