Roastery management

The world’s leading roastery
management solution

Cropster Roast has what you need to manage inventory, build schedules, roast, project outputs, manage quality control, and support selling your coffee. Every feature is focused on saving you time at the roast machine, in the office, or on the road.

Roast profiling
The industry standard for roast profiling
  • AI powered roast curve prediction
  • Easy-to-use roasting interface
  • Integrated inventory and production schedule management 
  • “Reference roast” guidance using curves, parameters and phase changes
  • Connects to any commercial roast machine

Cropster Roasting Intelligence sets the industry standard for roast profiling. It makes roasting simple, consistent, and efficient. Plus, it pulls all your coffee data together providing insights and information to your entire business.

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You can't go back to other softwares, it is so well built, there is no need for anything else. At every point, you know what the coffee's data, such as density and moisture, development time, cupping notes, etc. It is the perfect tool to be a great roaster.

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Green inventory
Drop the spreadsheets and save time on inventory
  • Let Cropster auto-adjust your inventory after each batch
  • Track production trends and predict future usage
  • Use notifications to stay on top of your inventory
  • Cropster predicts inventory run-out dates based on your exact usage
  • Keep an eye on the temperature, pressure, and humidity of your storage area with AmbientSensors

With Cropster Roast, managing your green coffee inventory and planning ahead is easy. From sample grading through inventory management across locations, vendors and contracts - everything you need is there.

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Production planning
Efficient production plans in minutes
  • Automatic batch calculation for optimal roast scheduling
  • Import and schedule orders directly from your eCommerce platform
  • Monitor and edit your production plan from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Plans updates in real-time. Make changes and your roasters will always see the right plan

Cropster ties together your green inventory, blend components, weight loss percentages, roast machines, and locations to help you create efficient roast schedules in seconds. Order to roast combines all your orders and even links to solutions like WooCommerce and Shopify saving time and reducing errors.

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Cropster Leave
Quality control
Quality control made easy
  • Easily record and monitor every aspect of your green and roasted coffee
  • Cup anywhere using your smartphone or tablet
  • Track quality development over time
  • Record, track, and share sample data to make green buying easier
  • Let Cropster organize your quality data so you can spot quality trends

Cropster Roast has quality tools for the green buying and production management process that create organization where you need it most. No need to keep paper records in hopes you’ll use them later! Store all of your valuable quality data in one accessible place.

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A fully integrated cupping app in the palm of your hand
  • Instantly store your cupping notes online with Cropster Cup and utilize our built-in analysis tools
  • Use the cupping form that you want
  • Work online or offline with any mobile device
  • Cup remotely, onsite, alone, or as a team
  • Features a greyscale interface to reduce bias

Cropster Cup instantly ties your notes and scores to your roasts, samples, and inventory. The user-friendly app runs on any smartphone or tablet.

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Analyze the information you create to grow your business
  • Built-in reporting on every aspect of roasting, production, inventory, and quality control
  • Spot trends over time to highlight what is working and what needs attention
  • Access your data anywhere with any device
  • Start your day with a customized dashboard showing what's important to you

Cropster collects your roastery data and displays it in the context where it’s most valuable. Cropster leads the industry with tools and reports like the Production Report, Roast Compare, Quality Compare, Daily Roast Update and Roast Goals.

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Professional Support
We've got your back
  • Onboarding support to get you up and running quickly
  • Live one-on-one demos, webinars and training for you and/or your team
  • Online help desk with manuals and support articles available 24/7
  • Submit a support request and get personal support and expert help
  • Complete management tools to support one person shops or large teams

We get it. You are running a business, things need to 'just work'. Real support starts with a guarantee that you'll get a timely answer from a partner who will stay with you until your challenge is resolved. That's why we include personal support for everything we do. We'll listen, follow up and track your needs until they're met. That's one of many reasons 98% of Cropster Support users rate it - Awesome!  

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