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Cropster Roast simplifies running your roastery, and gives you the tools to focus on
producing exceptional coffee… all the time, every time!

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Pricing Options

How much green coffee do you roast per month?


Starting from

89€ / month*

Get started with the basic features to setup and begin growing your roastery.

  • Roasting Intelligence
  • Profile Management
  • Production Management
  • Introductory Green Inventory
  • Introductory Quality Control
  • Cropster Cup
  • Unlimited Users
  • Cropster Support


Starting from

179€ / month*

This advanced toolset is designed for higher volumes, larger teams and multiple locations.

Everything in Foundation, plus…
  • Consistency Control
  • Advanced Green Inventory & reporting
  • Advanced Quality Control
  • Sample Management
  • Advanced Team Management


Starting from

299€ / month*

Fully integrated wholesale and retail online shops tied to your production, save time and increase returns

Everything in Professional, plus…
  • Advanced production & order management
  • Shopify, Beans, & WooCommerce integrations


Starting from

990€ / month*

Designed for large-scale businesses with extended systems, equipment and team integration requirements to save time and increase flexibility

Tailor Cropster Roast to your business needs using our enterprise platform.

*All Roast plans include a static monthly price plus a volume-based price.

Need more details or a comparison?
Our features section provides a detailed overview of all Cropster features.