Cropster solutions help coffee professionals from origin to cup everyday

Connecting coffee professionals worldwide from producers to people in cafes requires understanding. That's why we work with people from small to large businesses across the coffee supply chain. Our goal is simple, to deliver solutions that help you and your business make consistently better coffee.

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Having the schedule is such an improvement, as are the improved RoR calculations. I love the new Roasting Intelligence layout.

Brooke Purdon
Rave coffee.

The biggest new addition for us is to be able to see the roast schedule during roasting so we can prepare the next green beans for roasting. Just makes things so much easier.

Thomas Goepel
Tico Coffee Roasters

Installation was a breeze and instructions were spot on. I loved the gas control. Indicators of flame volume by increments were also very helpful.

Nicolas Rozental
Paddle & Brew

We use Cropster to record each roast that we do. We like the consistency we’re able to achieve with each roast using Cropster. We use it to record every cupping that we do. It’s really handy to go back and see what we scored a coffee from last year.

Courtney Snowden
Ozone Coffee

We use Cropster everywhere! It is an essential tool because it brings our coffee roasting to its perfection.

Antoine Netien
Coutume Cafe

It's a critical part of all of our roasting operations. The integrated set of systems is pretty much a holy grail for us.

John Lawrence
Mudhouse Coffee Roasters

With Cropster, I can monitor all the processes that are going on inside the drum in real-time. If there is any deviation I can immediately notice it in the cup. The interface and features are constantly expanding.

Vladimir Nenashev
World Coffee Roasting Champion 2018

It is very useful for me to be able to log everything, each roast, and all the details of what I am doing every day. The ability to compare every roast is very useful. I think it is one of the most important tools that a roaster should have in their roastery today.

Veda Viraswami
Le Café Alain Ducasse

You can't go back to other softwares, it is so well built, there is no need for anything else. At every point, you know what the coffee's data, such as density and moisture, development time, cupping notes, etc. It is the perfect tool to be a great roaster.

Andrei Oprisan
Cafe Del sol

For me, Cropster is the best log profiling software. When I cup a coffee I can record everything in the app, it is a very useful tool. It helps with controlling every second of my roast and then I can review and save profiles I want to save.

Panagiotis Megalessis
Stadtrösterei Solothurn

In the fast-changing landscape of the specialty coffee industry, working with a unified feedback platform to monitor, communicate and connect our teams, can have a substantial effect on the overall quality of our coffee and customer experience.

Kris Schackman
Five Elephant Coffee

We’re loving Cropster’s Order to Roast! It has completely changed the game for us. No more spreadsheets or mistakes on roast day. It was super easy to integrate with our Shopify Commerce site, and takes about 2 minutes to import our orders, set a roasting schedule, and sync to Cropster’s profiling software. On the production end, we can easily see how many of each product to bag, as well as whether to ship whole bean or ground coffee. I don’t know what we’d do without it!

Daniel Garland
FreeForm Coffee Roasters
Roastery management
solutions that help you focus on the coffee

You have to keep track of a lot of information to run a successful roastery business. That's why Cropster provides you with solutions that monitor every aspect of your roastery based on your own criteria. Your purchasing, production planning, projecting, roasting and quality control can be made easier so that you can focus on what is most important to you.

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Quality control solutions to support your quality goals

Simplifying the day-to-day tasks in your coffee lab is easier than you may think. You can easily integrate green grading, sample roasting, sensorial analysis, etc. into your workflows. Best of all, tracking this information and tying it together with comprehensive reporting and analysis will help you make more informed buying decisions.

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More informed customers make better trading partners

With Cropster you can integrate the collection of physical analysis, cuppings, sample roasting, etc. into your existing workflows and act on them in real time. We know that there is a lot of information coming in and going out of your business. To make things easier, you can enter data once and reuse it everywhere in your business and whole supply chain.

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Production solutions designed to save you time

Creating production plans and monitoring your roastery requires attention to detail. Cropster was built to help you focus on everything from green buying through production planning, projecting, roasting and quality control. It helps you deliver a complete overview of your production including reporting and notifications so you are always in control.

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Simple solutions to help you buy with confidence

If you are an importer searching for a single origin, an enterprise buyer working to a specific green type or a roaster looking to improve quality, Cropster can help. You can easily track samples in your lab, at origin or trade events and streamline the processes around capturing, evaluating, reporting and analysing coffee performance.

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Quality depends on you the specialty grower

As a farmer, a mill manager or member of a cooperative you track a lot of information to help you grow, process, evaluate and sell your coffee. With Cropster you have access to tools that make collecting, reporting, analyzing and sharing information simple. Plus, you can also provide your buyers with key information for decision making.

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