Quality control solutions to support your quality goals

Simplifying the day-to-day tasks in your coffee lab is easier than you may think. You can easily integrate green grading, sample roasting, sensorial analysis, etc. into your workflows. Best of all, tracking this information and tying it together with comprehensive reporting and analysis will help you make more informed buying decisions.

Cropster Leave

Cropster is helpful to us when it comes to inventory reports. We also use Cropster cup for every cupping evaluation and we are very happy about the insight data that we get.

Damian Durda
49th Parallel

Cropster has made a massive impact on the way that I implement quality control into the business. I love the interface, the accuracy and the options plus the ability to customize it to the way that I roast.

Ben Toovey
Genovese Coffee

In the fast-changing landscape of the specialty coffee industry, working with a unified feedback platform to monitor, communicate and connect our teams, can have a substantial effect on the overall quality of our coffee and customer experience.

Kris Schackman
Five Elephant Coffee
Quality control
Stay in control of your time, your lab and your samples

With Cropster you can track every aspect of your green coffees. This means you can tie critical data like suppliers, acceptance, contracts and origin to your samples and quality information. Plus, you can always compare your samples to see if they perform as expected.

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Quality evaluation
Evaluate your coffee quality from origin to cafe your way

You can record and compare cupping results, cuppers, flavors, etc. with Cropster and easily tie your results back to roasts, suppliers and green grading. Plus, you can capture your evaluations whenever and wherever you are with customizable or industry standard cupping sheets.

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Track samples
Track your samples across your business

Cropster helps you streamline your lab process so that tracking your samples in your lab or at origin is quick and easy. Plus, you can capture and share sample data faster and more accurately. Full integration and analysis help you to track your QC and review purchasing outcomes instantly.

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Share, connect and report on your data

With comprehensive reporting tools you can spot successes and challenges across your business. This also means you can make better and more informed buying decisions based on your QC data. You can also export and even share sample information easily across your business or with your partners. Plus, a robust API allows you to integrate with your existing systems.

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Enterprise support
A simple solution for larger businesses

If you work in a large organization with tight controls or in a loose confederation of businesses under a single parent, the benefits of integrating quality information across your group, division or enterprise are obvious. We understand larger businesses have unique requirements based on scale, scope and focus. If you're looking for solutions that are easily implemented and integrate with your existing systems and processes we can help with that.

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