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Cropster helps you monitor and manage every part of your roastery, doing the busy work you don't have time for. Track your green coffee with automatic inventory adjustments and easily stay on top of cupping notes, production plans, production volumes, roast profiles, run out dates, and traceability. Access your roasting data anywhere you have an internet connection.

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We use Cropster to record each roast that we do. We like the consistency we’re able to achieve with each roast using Cropster. We use it to record every cupping that we do. It’s really handy to go back and see what we scored a coffee from last year.

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Roast Profiling
The industry standard in roasting

Cropster provides you with the latest tools to profile, plan, automate, and track during the roast process. It includes a state of the art roast profiler, AI powered roast curve prediction, roast curve and cupping comparison tools, and a built-in production scheduler.

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Green coffee
Inventory management made easy

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and let the data do the work. Cropster takes care of all your forecasting and inventory management details. Plus, an always up-to-date inventory makes purchase planning simple.

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Production planning
Build production plans from your orders

Building your production schedule used to be a time-consuming task. With our scheduling tools you can build it in a few clicks and include all your orders from every source. You’ll love clicking on “Convert to schedule” for a plan that includes last minute orders that you can send right to the roast machine(s).

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Quality Control
Make quality control easy

Ensure your quality standards by collecting all your cuppings in one place. If there is a quality concern Cropster can provide full traceability from sample to final roasted inventory and show your coffee has been roasted, cupped and even stored.

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Efficient cupping anywhere, anytime

With our integrated cupping app and quality tools you will be inspired to cup once again and get the most out of your time spent cupping. Once you try it out, you may never want to go back to hand-written cupping sheets.

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Green Buying
Everything you need to source your green coffees

You can easily source your specialty green coffees from leading sellers worldwide at your desk or on your phone. Find something interesting, get the details and contact the sellers in a few simple clicks. Cropster Hub will even notify you if a specific coffee that fits your criteria has just been listed.

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Reach new retail customers and streamline your order fulfillment

Connect your existing online shop or use Shipsbeans to create your own that is easy to set up, run, and grow. With eCommerce we focus on making things quick, easy and affordable. We tie your orders to your production automatically. That saves you time on everything from production scheduling to inventory management, traceability and more.

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Work and manage your team from anywhere

You need increasing flexibility when it comes to where and how people work. Cropster was built from the start to support remote working. You can manage everything from wherever you need to be. Every part of Cropster (except your roast machine!) is available online. Handle inventory, production planning, QC, profile reviews and more. With built-in notifications you always know what’s happening wherever you are.

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