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With Cropster you can integrate the collection of physical analysis, cuppings, sample roasting, etc. into your existing workflows and act on them in real time. We know that there is a lot of information coming in and going out of your business. To make things easier, you can enter data once and reuse it everywhere in your business and whole supply chain.

Some of our favorite Hub features include the offer list widgets, curated offer lists, instant sharing of knowledge and coffee love. All the info sheets, maps photos, and flavor notes help specialty coffee move forward.

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Quality control
Evaluate your coffee quality from origin to cup your way

Your quality requirements start at origin and go through multiple steps including customer education and evaluation. When you record results in a simple and standard way you can compare cupping results, cuppers, flavors, storage methods as well as transportation effects and more over time.

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Cropster Leave
Integrate information
Tie your QC, suppliers, and samples together

With Cropster you can track every aspect of your green coffees. This means you can tie critical data like suppliers, acceptance, contracts and origin to your samples and quality information. You can always compare your samples to see if they perform as expected. Plus, the information you collect can be passed on to your customers securely and with just the essentials saving time and ensuring accuracy.

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Track samples
Track your samples across your business and supply chain

Tracking your samples in your lab, at origin or anywhere else can be quick and more efficient. You can capture, share and find their associated information easily. Customizable cupping sheets and a mobile app mean you and your team can save what’s important to your business and report on it from anywhere.

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Selling green coffee
Showcase your coffees to the world and find new customers

Building relationships is a key part of your green coffee sourcing and selling strategy. Finding buyers and matches for your inventory takes a lot of work. There's a simple and effective way to get your coffees in front of a global audience. Cropster Hub was inspired by buyers and sellers looking for an open marketplace where they could find each other and connect.

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Enterprise support
A simple solution for larger businesses

If you work in a large organization with tight controls or in a loose confederation of businesses under a single parent, the benefits of integrating quality information across your group, division or enterprise are obvious. We understand larger businesses have unique requirements based on scale, scope and focus. If you're looking for solutions that are easily implemented and integrate with your existing systems and processes we can help with that.

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