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Wholesale Success for Coffee Roasters

Having multiple sales channels for your coffee is essential. Finding your market, establishing successful sales strategies, and developing efficient workflows are key to building a wholesale program from scratch.

| Cropster

Watch Cropster’s Commerce Sales Manager Kelsey Maher, Matthew Orchard from the UK’s PLOT Roasting, and Scott Conary from Carrboro Coffee Roasters in the US for a discussion about steps to creating your wholesale program.

To learn more about Wholesale Success for Coffee Roasters, read our Part 1 and Part 2 of our series “Launching and Boosting Your Wholesale Program.”

03:24 The motives and practicalities of beginning a wholesale program as a roaster.

10:20 Building relationships is a fundamental part of building and sustaining a successful wholesale program.

14:40 Trade shows as an avenue or potential for certain types of business to reach new customers.

16:43 Differentiating and considering your wholesale and retail offerings.

27:54 How to decide which services to offer and to not offer as part of your wholesale program.

29:16 Understanding the costs and tools necessary to get a wholesale program started.

41:32 Where does Cropster Commerce fit into building a wholesale program?

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