Quality, consistency, control now connected!

Cropster Cafe is the key to consistent quality in or across your locations. It remotely monitors brew recipes and dial-ins, optimizes roasts for extraction, compares recipes, and synchronizes your team and locations. Your operation will run smoothly with reports, coffee traceability and cafe task management.

Connectivity and the same intelligence we're adding to other Cropster products is the next step.


Get smarter, get connected
Soon Cropster Cafe will connect to your equipment. We're starting with espresso machines and we're about to announce the first connected partner.

We’ve integrated more than 50 roast machines with Cropster Roast, and we’re now starting to bring this integration to your cafes.

If you're interested in building a smarter cafe, please share some details about your espresso machine(s) so we can prioritize our efforts. We'll keep you posted on new developments so you'll be ready when you can connect! Or even join our betas if you'd like!


I want to connect

Cropster Leave

I like the ability to share recipes across all our cafes and to constantly improve them with the help of all our baristas across all shops.

Johannes Otto

Cropster Cafe integrates many of the individual tasks we have been working with in the past decade, into one robust and comprehensive platform.

Kris Schackman
Five Elephant Coffee

In the fast-changing landscape of the specialty coffee industry, working with a unified feedback platform to monitor, communicate and connect our teams, can have a substantial effect on the overall quality of our coffee and customer experience.

Kris Schackman
Five Elephant Coffee
Let's get connected!

Tell us a little about your cafe setup and join us on this exciting journey.