Roasting Intelligence

Cropster's Roasting Intelligence (RI) is your eyes and ears in the drum. It allows you to track and visualize 4 temperatures, Rate of Rise and much more to give you accurate, real-time roasting assistance.

Roast curve import

You can import roast curves from other systems into Cropster making the upgrade to Cropster easier. This feature means you can integrate all of your previous work and expertise with profiles into Cropster Roast.

Universal compatibility

Cropster can connect to any commercial roasting machine. Modern plug-and-play machines connect to Cropster with just a cable. Additionally, any machine with ungrounded thermocouples (K, J, E or T type) or RTD temperature sensors can easily connect to Cropster. Of course, personal support throughout the entire setup process (and beyond) is standard.

Auto-start and auto-stop

Roasting Intelligence detects the temperature changes that signal the beginning or ending of your roast and can start or stop the roast automatically based on your preferences.

Searchable drop-downs for profiles and lots

If you have multiple profiles for different lot weights, this feature allows you to easily find the right profile and get straight to roasting. Large inventory? Find the lots you need in seconds and get roasting.


Roasting Intelligence allows you to read a large variety of different parameters from your roasting machine as you roast. Visualize all key roast values you need in real-time to ensure consistent quality.

Rate of Rise

Cropster's Roasting Intelligence shows your Rate of Rise in real-time throughout your roast.

4 temperatures simultaneously

Roasting Intelligence can display up to 4 temperatures simultaneously as you roast.

Air pressure

Monitor real-time air pressure in your roasting machine.

Drum speed

Monitor drum speed as you roast.


With Cropster you can accurately track your gas setting and volume throughout the roast. This critical measure is presented during the roast and can be replayed using Cropster gas control and automation features if desired.

Pre/post-roast weights

Track your pre- and post-roast weights and yield loss values over time to better predict your green coffee needs in the future.

Offline functionality

Roasting Intelligence has full offline functionality, so if you have a spotty internet connection on your production floor, don't worry, Roasting Intelligence will work just as planned and automatically sync the next time it is connected to the internet.

Roast goals


Roast Goals allows you to set parameters around things like roast duration or Rate-of-Rise and receive notifications when those goals are met, missed, or exceeded, helping you stay on target.

Dynamic goal setting


With dynamic goal setting, your goals can be dynamically applied to any reference curve you select. Set your roast goals and let us do the rest. Not only will this save you time but it will ensure that your set goals are always up-to-date.

Gas control

Cropster lets you easily set gas values while actively controlling your roasting machine. This feature is manufacturer/model specific, so please get in touch to find out which machines are currently supported.

Profile replay

Profile replay allows you to "replay" a roast curve: load up a new batch and watch as Cropster makes the exact same gas adjustments throughout the roast. This feature is manufacturer/model specific, so please get in touch to find out which machines are currently supported.

Roast curve notes

Cropster lets you easily take notes on your roast curve at any point during roasting. Quickly record events like first crack or color change, make custom comments and choose to record comments by time or temperature.

Automatic stock deduction/green coffee adjustment

Whenever you roast with Roasting Intelligence, your inventory will be automatically updated to reflect the change in your green and roasted inventory.

Production planning

Access your production planning from directly within Roasting Intelligence. Quickly see what needs to be roasted, with which machine, and who is assigned to each batch.

Auto-mark development events

Roasting Intelligence can auto-mark certain events on your roast curve such as color change or first crack.

Modulation timer

Roasting Intelligence displays the drying, maillard, and development time phases as an easy-to-read function on your roast curve.

Presentation of modulation

Are you a modulation-based roaster? Do you design your profiles based on these phases? Roasting Intelligence has full support for modulation timing during roasting and displays these phases in an easy-to-read visual format.

Start, stop and pause

Cropster allows you to start, stop or pause the timer during your roast, should you have to.

Roast compare report

Review and compare your roasts, their curves and other valuable data such as development time or first crack. Compare their cupping scores to tie everything back to final cup quality.

Roast explorer report


Explore your roast using various parameters and see how they relate to quality. Estimate the strength of correlations between different parameters and use that to find patterns and improve quality.

Profile editing

Editing your profiles with Cropster is easy and intuitive. Migrating your best profiles to Cropster? Made some improvements to your latest profile? Found a better ideal batch size or blend ratio? Make all the changes you need with Cropster.

Profile designing

Cropster Roast lets you easily design new profiles. Copy an older profile and edit from there or start from scratch and design a brand new profile.

Profile reference curve

Choose a reference curve and it will be overlaid on the graph as you roast, helping you recreate quality roasts, time and time again.

Per profile goals

Review your goals and success rate for each individual profile. See which profiles are hitting their targets and which profiles need some adjustments.

Pre/post-roast blending

Cropster fully supports both pre- and post-roast blending, making it easy to create and schedule pre- and post-roast blends, allowing each profile and green coffee component to be handled individually and uniquely.

Per profile ERP-ID

To help tightly integrate systems like production and accounting Cropster includes a dedicated ERP-ID for every profile, making integration with your other systems easy.

Shared Inventory for multiple machines

Do you roast with different machines, or multiple of the same one? With Cropster your inventory is automatically synced across multiple machines.

Instant inventory updating

With Cropster, your inventory is always up-to-date. No matter how many roasting machines or roasting technicians you have, as soon as something is changed in your inventory, you'll know it.

Profile compare

Access incredibly detailed comparisons of your profiles. Use graphs to visualize the differences across a number of different variables. Cropster will also automatically compile all recorded information into easy-to-read comparison tables.

Print functions/PDF

Clear and informative printouts or PDFs of your profiles are only a few clicks away with Cropster.

Profile quality over time

See how the quality of your profile has changed over time and calibrate your roasting accordingly.

Roast correlations

Explore your roast using various parameters and see how they relate to quality. Estimate the strength of correlations between up to 12 parameters and optimize your future roasts.

Profile analysis

Analyze your profiles in as much detail as you want. Dig deep into the nitty-gritty, keep the analysis high-level or go somewhere in between, it's all possible with Cropster.

End to end profiling

With Cropster, your roasting process is connected from raw material all the way through final cup quality.


Sort or filter your roasts by any one of 28 fields, from machine used to roast technician to development time ratio and everything in between.

Roast scheduling


Cropster's advanced roast scheduling system keeps your schedule synced across multiple machines and locations and includes features that help you optimize and improve your entire scheduling process.

Batch calculation tools


Use our batch-calculation tools to determine key metrics like roasted weight or optimal batch size. Cropster takes the busywork (and maths...) out of scheduling.

Repeat scheduling


Cropster can easily repeat roast schedules, whether you're roasting certain batches hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. Find you ideal schedule, set it to repeat, and you're good to go.

Schedule by output or input


Create schedules based on your needs or your inventory. Need 100 kg of a certain roast? Have 150 kg of green you need to use? Use Cropster to create an optimized schedule for either of these situations.

Scalable scheduling


The more you roast and the more machines you have, the more helpful Cropster's scheduling features become and the more time they save you. Cropster is built to grow with you and your business.

Introductory green inventory

Get an overview of your current green inventory status. See where it is, how much you have and what it is worth. Looking for green coffee from a specific supplier or crop year? No problem.

Inventory view customization

There are more possible ways to customize the information you see on your inventory overview page than cells in the human body. Trust us, we did the math.

Mobile inventory


Make inventory adjustments on the fly with your phone or tablet.



Keep your inventory organized with full support for industry-standard certifications, such as Rainforest Alliance or Organic certifications. Sort and filter your current inventory via certifications.

Lot price indication

Track the monetary value of your green inventory across multiple locations.

Lot traceability


Trace the entire history of your lots, from farm to warehouse to roastery. Multiple farms? Multiple warehouses? See exactly where everything has been and where it is now with Cropster.

Lot transaction


Look into the history of a specific lot. See where it is, where it has been, how much of it is remaining and when it is projected to run out.

Supply network

Track valuable information about your relationships with farmers and importers and better evaluate your business relationships with Cropster.

Split/merge lots

With Cropster, you can split or merge lots together with a few clicks of the mouse and save time on your inventory management process.

Lot distribution

Keep track of where your lots are and transfer them from warehouse to roastery with ease.

Multi location


Do you have multiple warehouses or roasteries? Are you planning on it? Cropster grows with you, making it easy to keep track of and manage your business as it expands to more locations.

Sourcing projects


Easily tag coffees that should be grouped together.

Green coffee usage projections

Cropster automatically predicts when your green coffee will run out based on your current production and schedule. Use this information to plan purchases and ensure that you always have enough green on hand.

Inventory level alerts

Track your coffee inventory and receive notifications when inventory levels go below your warning level to stay on top of your inventory and ensure that no one ever runs out of coffee.

Green lot swapping

Need to replace a lot? Simply select the lot and our system will highlight every profile using that lot. Then select the profiles you want to change and adjust them with just a few clicks, saving you time and improving your workflow.

Sort/filter functions

Cropster's advanced inventory management system lets you sort and filter your inventory based on any one of 32 variables. From basics like name or origin country to specifics like water activity or screen size, the possibilities are (almost) endless.

Warehouse distribution


Easily transfer coffees from warehouse to warehouse and keep track of where your coffee is, no matter how many different warehouses you have or work with.

Print full details

Sometimes you just need it printed out. Cropster lets you easily print out the full details or a quality summary of any roast.

Production reporting

Create summaries of your roast output for a given time period, find trends and use that data to better plan future purchases.

Production trends

Visualize production output by profile, green inventory, machine or roast technicians to get a visual, high-level overview of how your business is doing.

Green inventory report

The Green Inventory Report automatically generates a report showing your current inventory across multiple locations and how much it is worth. Easily sort and search by specific location or certificate.

Audit reporting (input/output)


Track details of input and output as required by any regulators/government bodies.

Audit reporting (certification)


Track details of any certified products (Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, Organic, etc.) across your production.

Sample traceability


Track the entire history of your samples, no matter how many you have. Stay on top of this wealth of information to make better purchasing decisions.



Easily share information about your samples including rating, physical analysis and cupping scores.

Sales number

Track all your samples, no matter how many you have. Do you import or export lots of samples? Use Cropster to keep sample tracking simple and accurate.

Purchase order number

Keep track of your samples and contracts via their internal purchase order numbers. Streamline your entire accounting process and save time. Your accounting team will thank you.

Bulk sample import


If you have a lot of samples or are thinking of migrating your sample inventory to Cropster, our bulk sample registration tool makes it easy to quickly enter all of your sample information into the system.

Filter/sort functions

Sort or filter your samples to find out exactly what you need to know. From tracking # to green grade or certificates and more, all the information you need is there.

Sample information

When you import new samples, choose exactly how much information about your samples you want to capture. Need to know everything? Just the essentials? Either way, we've got you covered.

Multiple tracking numbers

Enter your samples' ICO, container or tracking number into Cropster to stay on top of where all of your samples are, whether they are pre-shipment, spot offer or evaluation.

Bulk approval


With Cropster you can save time by bulk approving or rejecting samples.

Bulk quality analysis


Perform quality analysis for multiple samples at the same time. Whether you are cupping or green grading, easily input all the results into Cropster.

PDF reports

Quickly create PDF quality reports of one or more samples. Share important quality information that much faster.

Print functions

Print out sample information with ease. Choose exactly what information you want to be included in your printout, click, and print.

Buying support


Cropster's sample management presents an overview of all the information you need to make better buying decisions.

Integration with sample roasters

With Cropster, your sample roasting is integrated directly into your workflow, giving you all the info you need, whether you are running one sample roaster occasionally or multiple sample roasters several times a day.


With SLIC, traders can easily generate beautiful and informative sample labels and roasters can quickly scan the code to access all of the information they need before importing the sample directly into Cropster.


Cropster SLIC makes the creation of simple, elegant, and informative labels for your samples easy. The whole label creation process takes less than a minute.

Coffee life cycle

Cropster is with you through the entire life cycle of your coffee. From initial sample to bulk orders, Cropster helps you keep track of all the details, big and small.

Transfer sample to inventory

Once you've approved a sample and ordered more of that lot, it's easy to transfer it to your green inventory. Just click "add to inventory", enter in the ordered weight, and you're good to go.

Multiple cupping forms

With multiple cupping forms you get full access to hundreds of pre-defined cupping sheets, including industry standards such as the SCA and CoE sheets. This guarantees you always have the best sheet for your needs.

Custom cupping forms


Cropster supports the designing of your own custom cupping sheets to suit your specific needs. You can also add your own descriptors to fully customize your cupping sessions and take your cupping sessions to the next level.

Advanced cupping sessions (non-blind, blind, double-blind)


With advanced cupping sessions you can set up blind or double-blind cupping sessions in addition to open ones. Cropster guides you through the setup and makes creating and printing the necessary labels easy.

Custom descriptors

Custom descriptors are easily added to Cropster's descriptor list for your cupping sessions. You can define if a descriptor is positive or negative and has high, medium or low impact. Reporting and analysis on custom descriptors is fully supported.

Online/offline functionality


Cup offline wherever you have your phone or tablet: at origin, your warehouse, Everest base camp or anywhere else. Just open the app and the next time you are connected to the internet your results will sync to Cropster.

Cupper compare reporting


Review and compare yourself and your cuppers to improve calibration. Set a cupper as your standard and view variation across your quality control. This feature helps improve cupper and cupping team consistency and encourages personal development over time.

Cupper profile report


Examine a detailed profile of your cuppers. See their activity, average score range, favorite descriptors, how they compare to the average and more. This information helps improve cupping consistency.

Cropster Cup

Cropster Cup is a fully connected cupping app for smartphones & mobile devices that integrates with the Cropster platform to deliver instant quality results. Cup is always available to fulfill your quality requirements at every stage of production.

Introductory cupping

Introductory cupping includes access to the essential Cropster production cupping sheets, with full on and offline support and all the features you need to successfully cup including label printing and syncing plus thorough analysis of all cupping results.

QC info is always available

Access all of your QC information, including cupping scores and green grading info, from wherever you roast, cup or relax. Mobile access means you can stay flexible, connected and up-to-date while maintaining and controlling quality.

Information sharing

Cropster lets you easily summarize and share sample, cupping and report information. Inviting guests to your QC sessions (guest cuppers/tasters) is quick and easy with Cropster.

Green grading

Green grading supports the easy capture of all essential green coffee data like moisture, density, water activity, defects and more. This important information is then integrated to help you with future purchases, sample roasting schedules and more.

Blend QC

Cropster features a dedicated inventory section for blends. That way you can do all the same QC checks with your pre- and post-roast blends that you would with your single-origin roasts.

Quality compare report


Comparing your cupping or sensorial analysis sessions against coffees and roasts is one key to producing consistently excellent coffee. Roast compare helps you analyze and review descriptors, spread and deviation and more to reveal what worked.

Screen size

Screen size can have an effect on multiple decisions in the roastery. That's why it is collected once and presented to you whenever it could impact your decision process during production - even at the roast machine.

Moisture content

Moisture affects your roast strategy. Cropster helps you easily track the moisture content of your coffee, even as it changes over time. Access to this information from sample to roast means you know exactly what you are working with.


Green coffee analysis is built into Cropster and allows complete tracking of defects using industry standard defect categories. If you have location based requirements it also includes support for custom defect categories if desired.

Water activity

Water activity is an increasingly important metric for roasters. Cropster tracks water activity and provides access to that information from wherever you roast or perform QC checks.


Color tracking of green and roasted coffee helps with uniformity and consistency. Cropster makes it easy to input the color results of your physical analyses and supports different models and devices.


The Cropster dashboard is sleek, informative and customizable. Like that first cup of coffee in the morning, the Cropster dashboard gives you exactly what you need to start your day off right.

Cupper Compare


Review and compare yourself and your cuppers to improve calibration. Set a cupper as your standard and view variation across your quality control. This helps improve cupper and cupping team consistency as well as personal development over time.

Cupper Profile


Examine a detailed profile of your cuppers. See their activity, average score range, favorite descriptors, how they compare to the average and more.

Lot transaction

Look into the history of a specific lot. See where it is, where it has been, how much coffee is remaining and when it is projected to run out.

Roast compare

Roast Compare lets you compare 2 (or more) roasts by displaying their roast curves on one graph and comparing roast statistics such as duration, development time, average cupping score and more. Identify key aspects of a good roast and use this to improve quality.

Roast explorer


Explore your roast using various parameters and see how they relate to quality. Estimate the strength of correlations between different parameters and adjust your roasting accordingly.

Production reporting

Create summaries of your roast output for a given time period, find trends and use that data to better plan your future green coffee purchases.

Production trends

Visualize production output by profile, green inventory, machine or roast technicians to get an overview of how your business is doing.

Green inventory report

The Green Inventory Report shows your current inventory across multiple locations. See how much coffee is in each location and how much it is worth. Sort and search by specific location or certificate.

Roast goals


Roast Goals allows you to set parameters around things like roast duration or rate of rise and receive notifications when those goals are met, missed or exceeded.

Quality over time

See how your coffee quality has changed over time. Chart the profile development or lot history over any given period of time.

Individual roaster profiles


Check in on each of your roasters and see how they have been doing, where they are hitting or exceeding their targets and where they may need more support.

Quality compare

Compare cupping sessions and evaluators to find out which descriptors high-scoring roasts have in common with each other.

Order to roast


Order to Roast is a comprehensive order handling system that ties together green inventory, roast machines, teams and locations to streamline your scheduling process while keeping you up-to-date via notifications and reports to track your progress.

Shopify integration


Order to Roast takes your Shopify orders and automatically converts those orders to a production plan, ensuring that you roast just the right amount of coffee for your customers around the world.

Other online shop integration


Cropster also supports integration with other online shops.

Order import tool


Create a standard template for importing orders from your system and use this tool to better plan your roasting and purchasing.

Excel format to build your orders


It's easy to build and keep track of your orders in Excel or Google sheets and keep that in sync with Cropster.


Cropster is accessible online, anytime, via any internet browser enabled device. Yes, even your smartwatch (we've tried).

Education and sharing

We are always trying to expand our knowledge of the specialty coffee industry and we actively share that knowledge with all of our customers.


Cropster support comes with over 100 manuals dealing with the most common problems, FAQs and setup processes. Search for and access manuals from directly within Cropster.

Full ticketing

Cropster includes a personal support system with full ticketing. That means if you have a problem, your ticket gets automatically sent to the right person for the job who will reach out to you with support for your specific issue..

Feature request

Do you think Cropster is missing a feature or something could be improved? We work closely with coffee professionals across the supply chain and many of our best features and ideas come from their suggestions. Let us know!

User management

One Cropster account gives you access to an unlimited number of users. Define each users role and ensure Cropster is optimized for their specific job. Create groups, track all of your metrics against users, manage permissions and more.

API integration


Thousands of samples, contracts and cupping scores through sharing roast profiles, inventory and production schedules across multiple locations are all easily handled with Cropster. It also ties into enterprise systems via a robust API when needed.

Lab settings


Cropster gives you full control over your labs descriptors (including new descriptor approval), lab locations, evaluator's cupping sheets and categorizations to ensure easy and complete tracking of every aspect of your coffee and quality processes.


Cropster is available in 10 different languages other than English so you can roast and plan in your preferred language.

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