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Cropster Coffee Lab is for coffee labs and traders that want to get the right coffee to the right people. It manages samples and lot inventory, merges a variety of quality information, and integrates suppliers and buyers.

Sample Management

Manage and trace samples
  • Register samples and lots quickly
  • Handle multiple labs and warehouses 
  • Link quality, production steps and origin

Organize all your samples and lots with a few clicks and create comprehensive lot information. Add traceability steps across the value chain from farms through intermediaries to buyers. Create 100% traceable information around the coffee quality that you offer.

Quality Control

Evaluate your coffee quality
  • Cropster Cup App
  • Work with multiple cupping sheets
  • Green grade following SCAA standard

Create a fast and professional quality control environment. Choose from a variety of industry cupping sheets and cup multiple samples. Create rich cupping information directly from your iPad or tablet. Track green grading for each sample including defect analysis, moisture content, and screen size.

Lab Management

Manage lab sessions
  • Schedule blind cupping sessions 
  • Organize cuppings with sample labels
  • Calibrate your cupping panel

Schedule blind cuppings and flexibly add samples to each lab session. Print blind sample labels to organize the samples on the table. Invite various evaluators to the session and report on their performance to calibrate a consistent cupping panel. 


Monitor your inventory
  • Keep stock levels up to date
  • Run reports by location, origin and more.
  • Plan purchasing based on past data

Do you handle coffees in multiple warehouses? Cropster tracks inventory records and lot movements organized and up to date. Review inventory reports and filter by origin, quality and warehouse location. The lot history predicts when which lots will run out and helps you plan green coffee purchasing. No additional spreadsheet needed.

Sample Roasting

Create a consistent cupping base
  • View 4 barrels on one screen
  • Compare sample roasts
  • Integrate sample roasts with inventory

Consistency in sample roasting makes cuppings comparable. Connect Cropster’s Roasting Intelligence to display Bean temperature for up to a 4 barrel sample roaster from one computer. Use reference curves, Rate-of-Rise curves, and analysis tools to create replicable sample roasts.


Communicate and share
  • Track supply of your coffee
  • Share what you have for sale
  • Exchange key info with partners

You want to track supply and get the right coffee to the right people? Cropster creates comprehensive, standardized lot reports as public links or PDF for sharing. They detail coffee lot quality, origin and amounts available. Send it to buyers, producers or share it in your team to create better relationships.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Please take a look at the FAQ below for quick answers. If you don't happen to see what you're looking for, please contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Setup & Service

How do I get familiar with all the functionalities?

We manage an extensive 101 and help base which you will find following the “Help” button in your Cropster account. Also, we offer free skype trainings particularly during the trial period to help you get started with all the functionalities. Of course, also after the trial we are anytime there to answer your questions.

I want to order Cropster. When does the 30 day trial start?

After placing an order we will get in touch with you within one business day. We will provide you with the necessary hardware and help you set up your roaster to connect it to Cropster. Your 30 day trial starts when you are all set up to work with Cropster. Not earlier.

Does Cropster work with my roaster?

Cropster works on any drum roaster or barrel sample roaster. The Cropster data bridge (RI box) connects to the temperature sensors of your roast machine (both ungrounded thermocouples of types K, J, T, E or RTD Pt-100/PT-1000 probes). 

Who supports me during setup?

When you place an order a Cropster staff member will get in touch with you. He or she is your personal contact and provides you with all the information you need for a quick and easy setup. We will send you detailed manuals and stand by via email or phone should you have any questions.

What computer requirements do I need to run Cropster?

Cropster runs in Windows, Mac and Linux environment. The web platform can be accessed through any web browser.

Data, Security & Integration

Who owns the data?

The data is yours. Anytime. This is secured by our privacy policy.

Do I get my data back if I want to quit using Cropster?

Yes. You can export most data directly from your Cropster account as a csv file.

How secure are my inputs?

Whenever your data is in transit between you and us, everything is encrypted, and sent using HTTPS. The same standard that banks use.

How is my data protected?

All data is written to multiple disks instantly, backed up daily, and stored in multiple locations. The data is stored on our own servers to which only authorized personnel has access.

Can I export data from Cropster?

Cropster provides many reports that let you export data as excel or pdf file. Among these are inventory (by green lot and location), roast output (by profile or green lot), quality results and many more.

Features & Functionalities

Our team is distributed across several different warehouses. Can we manage the data?

Cropster Lab is completely cloud based. This means you can access the platform from any site from the internet. All your users can view the same data they are permitted to view.

We work with a variety of producers that speak many different languages. How can we share reports with them?

There is no translating data fields when the data is shared. In the platform, all information is multilingual and multi-unit. Just change language to 

Can I trace processes between roasting, green coffee and cuppings?

The Cropster platform is based on integration and traceability between processes. Any process or processing result can be linked between the according steps of the coffee between origin and cup.

I sometimes have bad internet where I roast. Can I roast offline?

Yes. Keep roasting with the RI even if you are offline. Roasts are stored locally and synced to the server when you go back online. However, we recommend having a more or less stable internet connection where you roast to get most out of Cropster.

Our company has several different cuppers. Can we merge their cupping results together?

Of course, in cropster you can schedule sessions with various evaluators. Their information merges together for complete report for all cuppers. It is a great tool to get a complete review of the coffee and calibrate the cupping cupping panel.

Can I connect my multi-barrel sample roaster?

Yes. The Roasting Intelligence visualizes up to 4 sample roaster barrels on one screen with only one piece of hardware. Read more on our blog.

What if someone leaves the team? Do they still have access to our data?

Simply remove them from the list of users in the settings. All their data will remain in the database. 

Does Cropster handle multiple users and workers?

Yes. In your Cropster account you can handle multiple users. Invite them via email and they get a login to your account. As admin you can give them different permissions to view and edit information. Besides users, you can also manage workers like roasters and cuppers. They can, but don’t have to be users of your Cropster account. Workers help you trace who roasted which batch and to calibrate your cupping panel.

Does Cropster handle multiple locations like roasteries or warehouses?

Yes, and all processes between them are fully traceable. Transaction reports visualize any movements between them. You can manage roasteries, warehouses or even virtual warehouses for e.g. contracted coffees.

How easy is data input? What data do I need to input manually?

We try to make data input as easy as possible. Roast monitoring, storing, organization and inventory adjustment happen automatically. Green coffee needs to be put in manually, but there are bulk features that make your life easy. Bulk cupping features make it easy to tie quality results to your roasts and green coffee.

Manage other crops like cocoa, tea?

Cropster Lab is multi-crop. Cropster can also handle your business requirements for cocoa, tea, tropcial fruits and other crops. Contact us today and we will set you up with multi-crop Cropster Lab!

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